NE[O]ASIS 未来沙漠绿洲的城市/建筑/景观设计挑战赛(NE[O]ASIS Challenge )

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 The Challenge
This international Design Challenge invites students and young practitioners to work in women inclusive and interdisciplinary design teams to contribute ingenious and creative design ideas to a new interpretation of traditional oasis systems set in locations across Australia, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. 
NE[O]ASIS is an urban/architecture/landscape Design Idea Challenge for future desert oases to combat desertification through sustainable urban and architectural development. The aim is to contribute to urban and architectural solutions for self-resilience of climatically challenged regions in deserts and drylands. 
The organisers thank all designers who will take on this challenge and contribute to Ingenious Initiatives for Sustainable Urban Development.
In response to climate emergency and the threat of an ever-increasing desertification of large regions on the planet, and in alignment with the New Urban Agenda/Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs the Challenge calls for creative design ideas showing how a new interpretation of a self-sufficient oasis in desert regions around the globe could look like, feel and work: the neo-oasis ‘NeOasis’. 
Traditional oasis systems have been ingenious human made examples of how sustainability mitigated harsh climatic and scare resource prerequisites in deserts and drylands can produce little socio-cultural thriving paradises (further refer to ‘Why the Oasis’).  
The design ideas for the ‘NeOasis’ shall be informed by traditional oasis knowledge and translated into the vision for a future looking version of a self-sustained oasis ( see 'Oasis as an Eco-System') at one of the four identified desert sites, in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and Australia, which share similar bio-climatic conditions.  
The respective 'NeOasis' design proposals respond to socio-cultural and bio-climatic conditions, with a view to progressively achieving adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, without discrimination, universal access to safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation, as well as equal access for all to public goods and quality services in areas such as food security and nutrition, health, education, infrastructure, mobility and transportation, energy, air quality and livelihoods.  
The NeOasis is envisaged to meet the challenges and opportunities of present and future self-sustained urban development, with architectural solutions that translates spatially a creative and sustainable vision of how we will live, work, play and co-evolve in future desert oasis systems.
1st prize: 3.000 AU$
2nd prize: 2.000 AU$
3rd prize: 1.000 AU$
Top 10 Finalists: Exhibition at the Australia Pavilion of the Dubai Expo 2020 and mentoring sessions during Sustainable Urban Development Week.
All entries will be digitally showcased at the Australia Pavillon of the Dubai Expo 2020.
All awarded proposals will be published through international platforms, including architectural magazines and websites, and exhibited at the international Dubai Expo 2020.
There is no restriction concerning design disciplines of the team members for participation in the Challenge but at least one team member should be from architecture. A diversity of disciplines is recommended.
Both individual and team participation is allowed, with a minimum of 50 % female members.
Maximum number of participants in a team is five, composed of students or young practitioners (18–33 years).
The Challenge is open for entries worldwide.

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