architerrax: 2021 atX 年度学生设计大赛——“游客中心”(atX Design of the Year 2021)

  • 竞赛主题: 游客中心(Visitors Center)
  • 官方网站:点击访问
  • 报名费用:100.00元 / 组
  • 报名时间:2021年01月04日 20:00 - 2021年02月28日 20:00
  • 报名已结束
  • 作品提交:2021年03月01日 20:00

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We want students to explore what architecture truly means and what it can achieve without any constraints. This competition encourages students to create unconventional and exceptional designs. The aim is to let your imagination run wild and design a breathtaking Visitors Center.
In this competition, we ask you to come up with a visionary concept for a Visitors center. When generating a vision for the center within a spectacular place, it is essential that each proposal emphasizes, respects and celebrates the site, while providing visitors with a unique experience. The Visitor Center aims to promote a unique experience within a remarkable landscape and provide a space for visitors to become engaged with the surroundings. The fundamental aspects of a visitors center should be incorporated into the design.
Participants are free to select any site which will be best suited for their proposal.
This competition has no constraints and the brief is open to interpretation.
Early Bird Registration Ends : 25th  December 2020
Regular Registration Ends : 15th February 2021
Late Registration Ends : 28th February 2021
Submission Deadline : 01st March 2021
Result Declaration : 20th March 2021 

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