CREA TALENTS竞赛:中国怀来葡萄酒文化中心国际概念竞赛

  • 竞赛主题: wine culture center
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  • 报名费用:免费报名
  • 报名时间:2020年11月16日 15:00 - 2021年01月10日 15:00
  • 报名已结束
  • 作品提交:2021年01月15日 15:00

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CREA TALENTS 是一项开放的、免费的国际概念建筑大赛。本次竞赛选址在有“中国葡萄之乡”美誉的怀来县——中国最古老的葡萄酒产区之一。请在葡萄园附近设计一个葡萄酒文化中心——一个多功能的游客中心,包含文化和商业等功能。
CREA TALENTS is an open&free Architecture Ideas Competition, sponsored by The Economic Development & Culture Committee,we are pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in .
The objective is to provide maximum freedom to the participants to design a wine culture center in the most creative way, only 10 images required, absolute freedom of scale, site or style.
Participants are invited to come up with visionary concepts for a wine culture center located in a Huailai, one of the most ancient wine region in China. Located near the vineyards, this future landmark acts as a multifunctional place for the visitors, composed of several different sectors for both cultural and commercial activities.
The goal of the competition is to stimulate innovative design idea and to evoke the reflection on the relationship between architecture and nature.
1st Prize: 10,000 euros
2nd Prize: 5,000 euros
3rd Prize : 3,000 euros
4th Prize: 2,000 euros
5th Prize: 1,000 euros
4 honored mentions: 500 euros

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