ABC 2020 生活空间国际竞赛(ABC | Living Spaces 2020)

  • 竞赛主题: 新冠流行大背景下的新常态设计(Design our New Normal)
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  • 报名费用:400.00元 / 组
  • 报名时间:2020年10月01日 17:00 - 2020年11月15日 17:00
  • 报名进行中(还有 16 天)
  • 作品提交:2020年11月15日 17:00

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该竞赛由ABC(The Architecture BIM Competition)主办。在新冠流行的大背景下,由于病毒或隔离已经严重地影响了我们的社交和生活习惯,请重新思考我们的居住空间,使其能够抵御冠状病毒和其他可能病毒的入侵。提交的作品可以是住宅起居空间或酒店室内空间的建筑或室内设计。请通过有针对性的技术和组织选择,力求兼顾该空间在应对新冠大流行下的安全、舒适和美观。
竞赛使用软件不限,可采用常用BIM软件,也可采用诸如Sketchup在内的非BIM软件。但建筑模型需要具备 IFC(工业基础类)格式。
 The global advent of the Sars-2 Covid-19 virus, the Coronavirus, has heavily affected our habits of socializing and coexistence. This could lead, along with other effects, to a rethinking of our traditional Living Spaces. What architectural and furnishing solutions could be able to make our Living Spaces suitable for use during a health emergency like the one the world is experiencing?
The subject of the proposals is “the architectural and interiors design of a residential Living Spaceor a hotel Living Space. This living space, maintaining characteristics of pleasantness, comfort and functionality, will respond to the needs of use in a pandemic context similar to that of the Coronavirus through the adoption of targeted technical and organizational choices.
“The Living Spaces of the competition – types to choose from:
•A furnishedResidential living spacesuch as: an apartment, a single-family or multi-family house,houseboat, tree house, prefabricated house, a cabin, a cottage, etc. (surprise us!). minimum size 38sqm – maximum size 150sqmor
•A furnished Room/tourist accommodation/hotel unitsuch as: a hotel room / a residence villa, a bungalow, etc. (surprise us!). minimum size 17sqm – maximum size 65sqm
•Competitors are asked, under the constraint of anonymity, to submit an idea that considers the spaces and fittings that a housing unit (residential or hotel) must have in case of difficulty or impossibility for its occupants to access easily to external places and / or services such as during a Lockdown.
•For example, design a housing unit provided with a room/corner equipped for Remote working / Home business and/or for Home classroom/Distance learning as well as rooms/corners for fitness activities and for psychophysical wellbeing (play area, relaxation area, for meditation, for walking, etc.).
•The sanitation needs of people and pets must be considered, as well as the decontamination and storage of objects from the outside. In particular, parcels, foods and goods, small means of transport such as bicycles and scooters, etc. Similarly, the possible presence of a cohabitant in quarantine must be considered.
•The proposed solutions can be permanent or configurable as needed. Competitors may freely develop proposals both internal to the housing unit (including any balconies / terraces) and external to it but in any case, included within the boundaries of the building to which the unit belongs.
•The composition of the group of individuals that can be hosted in the Living Space proposed is free but must be explicitly declared in the Report by number and type (family unit, roommates, adults, young people, seniors, etc.) and the proposal must be consistent with the needs of the indicated group.
•It is mandatory to develop the theme of the competition both from the point of view of the architectural composition and for the interior design of the proposal. The deserving furnishings and design objects expressly conceived for the competition will compete for the Jury Prize for this type.
•The design proposal must mainly consist of a 3D architectural model in IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format according to the references in Annex 1.
•There are no constraints on the design tools that can be used to develop the proposal. ABC | LIVING SPACES 2020is a competition of ideas and the quality required for the 3D model can be achieved both with software historically recognized as “BIM software” (ArchiCAD, Revit, Building Designer, etc.) and with “non-BIM software” (Sketchup and Rhino and many others) without losing the “BIM approach”. In the end it is important that the design product flows into a 3D model in IFC format that complies with the requirements of Annex 1
•Living Space Residential Award
•Living Space Hotel Award
•Furnishing Element / Design Object Award
•Honourable Mentions from the Jury Panel
From 15 Sept. to 15 Oct.2020 – 50 Euro
From16 Oct. to 15 Nov.2020 – 80 Euro

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