VDC Roasting 2020 学生团队国际竞赛(虚拟设计与建造)

  • 竞赛主题: 现代化的建筑全生命周期管理
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  • 报名费用:免费报名
  • 报名时间:2020年09月01日 17:00 - 2020年10月25日 17:00
  • 报名已结束
  • 作品提交:2020年11月22日 17:00

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该竞赛由乌克兰非营利组织“BUILDIT Ukraine”举办。旨在向年轻的建筑师和工程师们传播建筑业的现代数字技术相关知识。竞赛面向经过2-6年专业学习的学生:建筑设计、土木/结构工程、MEPF工程等专业。参赛者须组建一个4人的团队以及一位负责人。
比赛的基础是熟悉建设项目的生命周期和在运行过程中出现的典型问题。参赛者的任务是解决建设项目中出现的典型和非典型的设计和管理问题。要解决这些问题,需要使用4D 进度计划、多学科协调、价值工程等VDC流程来提高能源效率。
  VDC Roasting 2020 is an international student’s team competition for students of mechanical engineering, structural engineering, civil engineers, plumbers, electricians, and architectural departments.
 The competition is based on acquaintance with the construction project lifecycle and typical problems that arise during its execution. Participants’ task is to solve typical and atypical design and management issues appearing in the construction project. Solving these problems requires the use of such VDC-processes as 4D Planning, Multidisciplinary Coordination, Value Engineering in order to improve energy efficiency.
Requirements for participants:
To be a student of 2-6 years of majors: architecture, civil/structural engineering, MEPF engineering.
Assemble a team of 4 participants and a curator who will help the team to solve the organizational part of tasks;
To have:
basic design or engineering skills
basic skills in CAD/BIM software
understanding of construction process (or check our useful links on a vdcroasting.com and learn);
Get ready for the three hard weeks of Qualifying Stage, and infernal Final!
Output skills:
Hard skills
– work in Autodesk Revit
– work in Autodesk Navisworks
– work in Autodesk Insight
– work in Autodesk BIM360 tools
– knowledge in Value Engineering
– document processing
– project planning and phasing
– 3D coordination
Soft Skills
– teamwork
– time management
– decision making
– communication
– stress resistance
Stages of the competition:
The first stage – lasts for 3 weeks. Each week, the teams will receive detailed tasks for the selected competition project, as well as have the opportunity to get advice from the competition organizers on the implementation of tasks in technical Questions&Answers; webinars.
The final for the best teams according to the rating of the first stage will happen online. Teams will have 15 hours to solve construction cases and present their engineering solutions and skills gained during the First Stage.
Key dates:
Registration – 1.09.2020 – 25.10.2020
First Stage – 26.10.2020 – 22.11.2020 inclusive
The Final – 05.12.2020 – 06.12.2020
1st place – 1000 € per team
2nd place – 750 € per team
3rd place – 500 € per team
And gifts from the partners of the Competition!
The organizer of the competition is the NPO “BUILDIT Ukraine”, which aims on spreading knowledge about modern digital technologies in the construction industry among young architects and engineers.

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